October 2007

Well given enough time, we realized that our essentials really ARE essential. Fortunately our bags have caught up with us, only two and a half days after our arrival. Thank you, Air New Zealand! Now that we have all our stuff we’re free to proceed to a succession of smaller and smaller islands: Ovalau, then Caqalai.

What have we been up to while waiting for our stuff? Chilling at the Stoney Creek “Resort” near Nadi, then hanging in Suva, Fiji’s capital. Here are some photos:


Stoney Creek Resort, our first stop in Fiji.


Aaahh, luxury… our personal bure (house).


We went for a nice walk through rural fields near Stoney Creek.


The “Shopping Center,” conveniently located near Stoney Creek.


Charmingly overgrown — the Thurston Botanical Garden in Suva, a legacy of British Colonial rule.

Things we like about Fiji so far:

  1. Men wear skirts.
  2. You can drink the tap water.
  3. Almost everyone speaks English. (Thanks, British Empire!)
  4. Taxi meters work.
  5. People’s lives do NOT revolve around tourists.
  6. No Americans! (At least we haven’t seen any yet!)

OK hope everyone there is well and happy… we will try to post again after we return from our tiny and tinier islands. LOVE, Kate & Derry


Hi friends and family, ok we made it to Fiji.  Our luggage has not made it yet but we’re doing fine without it, so far — kind of makes you wonder how essential all those essentials are anyway.  😉   Ok we will try to write again from a place where we can post photos.  Love, Kate & Derry

Our eight-month trip around the world starts in two weeks (Friday, Oct. 19). We’re busy packing, preparing, fiddling with this blog…


…but we’re not too busy to take off for Utah with Allen to do some work in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, on a Wilderness Volunteers trip! When we get back we’ll share photos and thoughts on this surreal landscape, and our volunteer team’s work removing invasive Russian Olive trees.