Hi from Kate —

Some have asked who is doing the writing here. Kate? Derry? Both? The answer is both. How do we do it? Well for our first real post (On to our tiny tiny island), we tried sitting down and composing together. This ended in tears so we switched to a system where one of us writes some paragraphs, the other one edits and adds more paragraphs, the first one edits again, then we post it.

For example, for the most current post, Leaving the Mekong, Derry did the writing; Kate edited, added a sentence here and there, added ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ paragraphs at the beginning and end; Derry re-read it; Kate posted it to the site. Sometimes Derry does most of the writing (e.g. Hong Kong); sometimes Kate does most of the writing (e.g. New Zealand – The Adventure Continues). Sometimes both people write a few paragraphs (e.g. Thailand – Happy New Year). When we think it matters, we will highlight who is saying what, like we did in Our Next President.

OK hope that clarifies!