Hey everybody,

Well after a week of hanging around waiting for calm seas, we’re bailing out on the Philippines and going back to… (see if you can guess…) Thailand! The Philippines seems (seem?) nice enough, but we just can’t get into it. We hung out on a nice island for a while but it was very windy, which makes the water wavy, which tosses boats and snorkelers around uncomfortably. It also tosses the sand around, such that even if the wind and waves die down, snorkeling is still a drag because the water is all cloudy.

But never fear — the magic of the round-the-world ticket is that we can change our minds. A single phone call yesterday got us onto this evening’s flight to Bangkok, without penalty. We’ve heard about some good snorkel spots around an island called Koh Tao, and maybe we’ll go to that Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang….

OK sorry for the lackluster post with nary a photo!

And finally, to the surprise and delight of all of us (especially Oregonians), your primary vote may actually matter! GO OBAMA!!!