Hi Everybody, sorry it’s been sooooo loooong since our last post — we’ve been far from internet access for some time.

We’ve been busy since our last post. To start with, we completed an epic overland journey from Pondicherry to Gangtok, Sikkim (1500 miles!! seven days!!), via bus, train, taxi, jeep, autorickshaw, and yak. What follows are photos Derry captured from the windows of these various conveyances.

Walking to school. Nice uniforms – marigolds mandatory, shoes optional.

Waiting for the bus. Looks like this school’s dress code calls for hibiscus blossoms, instead.

School’s out!



Waiting (with a tasty corn-cob snack).

At the train station… hoping for a seat in (non-reservable) third class.

We’re coming! Don’t leave without us!

Even mundane tasks can be done with grace and beauty.

Don’t worry, this train’s never on time anyway.


Partway through our epic journey, we found ourselves in the middle of a holiday called “Holi.” On Holi, people celebrate the coming of spring by throwing colors – in the form of tempera-type powder and colored water – all over each other.

Note the little girl armed with a super squirter.

If it’s your mother, apply colors gently.

The day after Holi — colors persist. (Note the moustache.)

After our epic overland journey, we did something even more epic — a nine-day trek in the Himalayas of Sikkim. Read all about it in our next post, which we are working on this week!!! We’re now in Darjeeling, relaxing and sipping tea. Hope this finds you all well and happy. With love, Us