Hi Everybody,

Well we finished our ten days of meditation and Tibetan Buddhism at Kopan Monastery. Wow. In the coming week we will attempt to write something about this experience. For the time being, one thing we learned is that the mantra carved on the mani stones is “Om mani padme hum” — literally, “Om jewel lotus heart,” often recited in English as “Hail to the jewel in the heart of the lotus.” But in our class, we learned that:

> the jewel symbolizes compassion;

> the lotus symbolizes wisdom;

> and the heart symbolizes unification…

…So our teachers put it all together for us as, “May wisdom and compassion be unified in me,” so that I may become a source of peace and happiness for all living things. Yes. Thank you Ani Karin, Ani Wy, and all the other teachers at Kopan.

We also learned that when a mosquito bites you, if you just let it finish what it’s doing, when it departs it takes its poison with it (or something like that) so that you don’t get a big itchy mosquito bite. We were skeptical so we did an empirical test. It was creepy because the mosquito took a REALLY long time on Kate’s arm (several minutes), and it itched during. When the mosquito finally left, there was a small welt, which disappeared before long and never turned into a big itchy mosquito bite. Placebo effect? Who knows! We may test this again, if we’re not too creeped out; you can too, though it’s probably best if there’s only one mosquito pestering you.

That’s enough about that. Our real reason for posting today (May 10/11) is to say…


And a very special Happy First Mother’s Day to some new mamas we are thinking about today… Denita! Jesi! Tricia! Jahciel!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all other mothers who may be reading this… Jain! Patricia! Rondi! Staci! Keith! Sue B! Margy! and any others.

And finally…


May widsom and compassion be unified in all of us, so that we can be sources of comfort and joy for each other and all living things. Yours, Kate & Derry