In August 2008 we went to Burning Man, for the first time.  Incredible.  We did not even try to take pictures because there was just too much to see and experience — we left the picture-taking to the pros.  To get a feeling of what it’s like, check out the great photos by Scott London (link below…).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If any of these photos make you think “Gee, maybe I’m not (cool enough, interesting enough, naked enough) to be part of Burning Man…,” perish the thought!!!  Burning Man is for EVERYONE.  You do NOT have to be as cool as the people in these pictures appear to be.  Or, to put it more accurately, you’re plenty cool already — maybe you don’t show it in the exact same way, but if anything you see here resonates, then… come to Burning Man next year!!!!!  We’ll serve you bacon in the morning (or something else if you’re veg), just like our neighbor did for us this year.

OK now for Scott’s photos:  Burning Man 2008 – The American Dream


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